Optimizing Reduced-Calorie Sweetener Combinations for Improved Taste

More and more consumers are looking to form better eating and drinking habits, and beverage makers have responded with reduced calorie and reduced sugar options that meet consumer needs. But there's still one factor that drives consumer choice more than any other: Taste. A Beverage can't be reduced sugar or reduced calorie alone—it has to taste good.

While stevia sweeteners present a great option for reducing sugar and calories, using them as the only sweetener in a formulation can present taste challenges like achieving sugar-like taste and minimizing inherent bitterness and lingering.

That's where sweetener taste-synergy comes in. Each sweetener provides a different sweetness profile and none is an exact match to sucrose. By combining sweeteners, you can create great sugar-like taste and overcome some of the challenges of delayed sweetness on-set, bitter off-notes and sweetness lingering.

Combination of high potency sweeteners

When multiple sweeteners are combined, the resulting sweetener potencies than would be expected based on the sweetness of the individual components—a phenomenon referred to as "sweetness synergy." Food manufacturers use this to optimize sweetener use. "Taste-synergy" is also seen, whereby the sweetener combination more closely matches the taste and temporal profile of sucrose.

By combining TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener with DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose, the temporal profile of the sweetener blend was shown to be closer to that of sucrose than for the high-potency sweetener alone. The chart shows the time-intensity profile for TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener when combined with DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose syrup.

Tate & Lyle offers a full line of innovative sweeteners, and we'll partner with you to develop great tasting beverages, creating sweetener synergies that overcome sugar-like taste, mouthfeel and bitterness at an acceptable cost-in-use.

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